Are you going to get your first tattoo? If yes, there might be a lot of questions that are striking your head at this moment such as: which tattoo to get, where to get, is it safe to have, who will be the right artist and much more. Before getting permanent inked one must need to quite sure about some queries so that he/she can get what is the best and what is exactly trending. Getting a tattoo is an experience that is surely going to carry on for your lifetime.


Getting a tattoo has no more remained a taboo now. It is surely not a certificate to your character or even does not associate with some serious health hazard. Just forget about the assumptions and ink that you want to have on your body. Getting a tattoo for the very first time is just like experimenting with something on our body. We are here going to provide you 7 pieces of advice that you need to keep in your mind before getting your first tattoo.

1. Do your homework

Getting permanent inked is not a decision that you can take simultaneously. There are a lot of things that you have to carry on and for letting that easily happening a detailed homework is quite necessary to go on. Tattoos are very personal and beautiful things that surely need to be carried out under the guidance of an expert only. So, before jumping upon to any conclusion, just do your homework properly.

2. Location and Design to choose

The location and design of the tattoo you are going to choose on is also quite important. The selection of location for a tattoo is one’s personal choice. One can make it on his/her hand or can even have it on his/her head as well. Just make sure to have it in a place where it can grab the attention of other people easily.

One thing that we would like to clear it is that the location you are going to choose for your tattoo should not be sensitive to certain skin issues and also don’t need to have any wounds over there. Once you have successfully selected the location of the tattoo, you need to care about the design of the tattoo as well. It needed to be unique, attractive and catchy so that it can grab the attention of people easily.

3. Custom art is the way to go

Tattoo making all about art, and if it is being displayed in a glorified manner, what would be better than that. The tattoo of a person says a lot. It should need to be artistic. One can easily put on an artistic tattoo on their body and can also add the name or symbol or slogan as well. It is your choice what kind of ink you want to have on your skin. Colored tattoos are in great demand these days. So, if you are going to have a colored tattoo on your body just be aware of your color tone and the color of ink you are willing to have there. Some inks certainly don’t glow up certain skin tones, so make sure to select the one that can go well with yours.

4. Selection of tattoo artist

Selection of the tattoo artist is another one of the major things that we surely can’t afford missing. One cannot assume to go for any tattoo artist randomly to get their favorite design inked. Smaller mistakes can even ruin your experience. As we know the thing that tattoos are to be permanently inked so make sure you are going to choose a perfect tattoo artist for it only. You can go through market reviews and can check online sources for the same as well.

5. Listen to your artist

A tattoo artist knows about the basics of tattoos and its aftercare. So, if you are willing to get your ideas and expectations done just like you want, just make sure to follow up on the instruction of your tattoo artist very carefully. If the tattoo artist expresses concern about your design or the placement where it is going to have, just make sure to take their opinion into account. They are the masters and know exactly what they are doing.

6. Pain Solution

Tattoo hurts a lot. If you are sensitive and can’t bear the pain then use numbing creams before tattooing. As it will numb your skin for three four hours and significantly reduce the pain. However, the pain of a tattoo depends upon certain things such as the size of your tattoo, its complexity, shading or not, and the location where it is placed. It seems to be felt like an eraser being rubbed on your body quite slowly. Yet tattoo hurts a lot, but you cannot cry at that moment as it can ruin your tattoo design as well.

7. Aftercare

One can’t assume to leave his/her tattoo as it is once done. At least one conversation with your tattoo artist about the aftercare is quite necessary. Aftercare processes are almost the same with slight variations. The basic nuts and bolts are that you are not allowed to submerge your tattoo even for fewer minutes for some days. You can gently wash it without rubbing. Let your tattoo breathe and then slightly moisturize it with an unscented lotion for a couple of times daily. Failing to take care of a freshly prepared tattoo can potentially mess up a perfect piece. In worst cases, it can also get infected and that is surely not good at all.


Just get up and get your first tattoo done. Here are some tips being listed up above that will help you in acquiring your first tattoo. Proper aftercare is quite necessary as a smaller mistake can even ruin your masterpiece as well. Yet tattoo hurts a lot but it seems to be nothing just after looking at the beautiful masterpiece being inked on our skin that whenever required.