What does a Buddha tattoo mean?

Buddhism is one of the most tolerant world religions. But what is the meaning of Buddha, which makes him such a popular tattoo motif, which is particularly like combined with Buddhist and Hindu tattoos such as Om and Sak Yant tattoo?

# Inner balance & pronounced spirit to awaken
Buddhism is considered the path to inner balance or inner peace in combination with a strong mind. Anyone who reaches this state experiences Bodhi (literally: “The Awakening”) and becomes a Buddha himself.

# Enlightenment for charity, caring, wisdom & genuine love
Buddha (“The Enlightened One”) in Buddhism refers not only to a person who has experienced bodhi, but is above all the honorary name of the Indian religious founder Siddhartha Gautama, whose doctrine establishes the world religion of Buddhism. At the same time, a Buddha is the symbol of charity, caring, wisdom and unadulterated love for all living things on earth.

# Individual responsibility
The connection between cause and effect is an elementary building block in Buddhism. This interaction is called karma. Thus, not a higher power is responsible for the people, but each person for himself.

# Self-discipline & remembrance of the faith
A Buddha tattoo usually suggests that the tattooed person is attracted to the peaceful teaching of Buddhism. For many followers of this belief, the logical consequence is to permanently adorn themselves with Buddhist tattoos on the skin. Thus, a Buddha tattoo can always remind its wearer of the self-imposed discipline.


Overview of the meaning of the Buddha

• Inner balance
• Pronounced mind
• awakening
• Enlightenment
• Charity
• Care
• wisdom
• Unadulterated love
• Individual responsibility
• Self-discipline
• Remembering the faith

Attention when traveling to Buddhist countries: With a Buddha tattoo you are not welcome there, if you have not proven this to be from your belief in the Buddhist faith. Otherwise, the tattoo subverts the respect for religion. Countless tourists have already been arrested in Sri Lanka, Myanmar or even in Thailand for the public carrying of such, sentenced to fines or imprisonment and / or deported from the country.