Cherry blossom tattoos are common among Eastern cultures such as the Japanese and Chinese. However, these tattoos are becoming increasingly popular in Western countries. They are known for the beauty that results from picking up a cherry tree.

They are mainly worm because of their symbolic representation, but some people wear it only because of the beauty. They have different meanings depending on different cultures. For example, the meanings presented in Chinese culture differ from those of Japanese culture.

Below are some of the meanings of cherry blossom tattoos.

The meaning of cherry blossom tattoos

These tattoos are mainly used by women to show their feminine nature. A cherry blossom tattoo is taken as a symbol of beauty and purity. Most cultures also believe that cherry blossom is a sign of virginity. It is a symbol of virginity, it shows that the person is pure and has no sexual affair.

Its beautiful nature makes it serve to represent beauty. When all these attributes are combined, they express the meaning of femininity. That’s why ladies wear this tattoo to show their femininity.

A cherry blossom tattoo can also be used to symbolize youth. A tree produces a cherry blossom during its youthful phase. This type of tattoo derives the meaning of youth from this aspect. It is known that in adolescence a person starts to become independent.

Teenagers stop being dependent on their parents and start working hard to meet their needs. So the symbolism of independence is derived from this tattoo.
This meaning refers to the independent. Young people wear cherry blossom tattoos to show that now that they are independent they are free to do whatever they want. So it is used as a symbol of freedom.

This is another important meaning for Cherry Blossom Tattoos is about life. It basically reminds us that life is short. People who wear this tattoo for that purpose turn to it whenever they need some kind of motivation.

When you go through the highs and lows of life and sometimes feel discouraged, you can look at the cherry blossom tattoo and remember that life is short and trying to make the most of it.
In Chinese culture, cherry blossom tattooing is used as a sign of hope. If there is a cherry blossom, there is always hope that the tree will bear fruit soon. In this regard, the Chinese wear this tattoo to give them hope that good things are on their way.

There are other meanings that represent Cherry Blossom Tattoo. These include innocence, power, strength, love, prosperity, wealth, fragility and happiness. However, this is added depending on some other elements in a cherry blossom tattoo.


These tattoos can be placed in different parts of the body. What matters is the size of the tattoo. For large tattoos they can be placed on the back, on the ribs, on the shoulder and on both legs and arms. For smaller tattoos it can be placed on the neck, on the ankle and on the side of the hand.

However, these tattoos can be worn by both men and women; Some designs are especially for women.

Bird and cherry blossom tattoo

This is a tattoo made mainly by women. It consists of a bird together with a cherry blossom tattoo. For example, there are some people wearing this tattoo to show love. The inclusion of a bird-like pigeon brings out the meaning better than if it were not there.

skull and cherry blossom tattoo

This is very common in men. Since cherry blossom tattoos look very feminine, the design can be adjusted well for men by using a skull. A skull can be used if the tattoo is to bring a message about life. It is a very classic design.

Butterfly and Cherry Blossom Tattoo

In this case, a butterfly can be placed on the cherry blossom tree or below. The use of a butterfly is very common in women, especially those who want to show their beauty with this tattoo. A butterfly is a symbol of beauty and when used in this tattoo, the message is clearly expressed.

Dragon and Cherry Blossom Tattoo

A dragon is another symbol that is common in tattoos. It can also be used along with cherry blossom tattoos to bring a very cool kind of cherry blossom tattoo. A dragon has a certain meaning with a cherry blossom and therefore fits very well together.

This is another style that is embraced by the men who wear this type of tattoo.

Cherry blossom tattoo with a phrase

This consists of a cherry blossom tree along with a phrase. A phrase can vary from a quote to a person’s name. For example, a man may wear a cherry blossom tattoo with a name of her friend to appreciate her beauty.
Some people may add other quotes about life to clarify the message in the tattoo.

Geisha Cherry Blossom Tattoo

This is common among the Japanese. Geisha are known as traditional female entertainers. They are used together with the cherry blossom to express the beauty of a lady. It’s also a nice tattoo.

Turtle Cherry Blossom Tattoo

Cherry blossom tree can be added to a turtle on it. A turtle has great symbolic meaning and therefore, when used in a tattoo along with a cherry blossom, it makes a great tattoo with deep meaning.

This tattoo is common among men as the shape of the turtle neutralizes the female nature of a cherry blossom tattoo.
Cherry blossom tattoos looks gorgeous and they are definitely popular with women. However, men have hugged them too, so you can choose this guy as well.