Tattoos, we set signs.

A tattoo expresses something, whether consciously or unconsciously.

Only if I am 100 percent sure that it is “so far” I set myself the sign of the times that I will wear until the end of my life.

From whom do I get tattooed?

Now I try to get the tattoo as cheap as possible and go to a friend of the buddy of my aunt who makes me for 30 euros! Sometimes the tattoos are not supposed to ignite too much and come across very well.

………… or I go to the new studio, which offers just opening prices and where the tattoo artist has been handling the machine for 3 months. There, the tattoos should look quite mannerly. The lines are not that correct, but actually it works.

………… or I am aware that my tattoo will always be on my skin and I am looking for a renowned studio, which brings quality for years or decades under the skin.

Everyone decides that for themselves. EXTREMETATTOO sees the tattoo as a work of art, a kind of luxury that is always presented. Our customers should always proudly wear their tattoo! Good tattoos are expensive and if the portmonaise just does not allow it, then rather no tattoo, as verkraxelte lines that I’ll never go back.

Tomorrow is my appointment

One day before the start of the appointment you shave the area to be tattooed, without using any means such as shaving cream etc. Then you clean the lot with a scrub soap to remove dead skin cells. After these operations, the place is well creamed.

In the evening it’s time to go to bed; but in your own and there is then nicely rested! 😉 … because unequal people develop a much higher pain sensation.

On day X you eat a decent breakfast, but leaves all caffeinated drinks away.

Then it’s freshly rested, relaxed and relaxed in the studio. There you fill out a consent form. This serves the safety of the studio, since the tattooing and Piercing before the legislator fulfills the facts of a bodily injury.

The tattoo artist is aware of his responsibility and conjures up your wish tattoo according to all the rules of the art on your skin.

Tattoos and our skin

skin structure of the skin:

Seen from outside to inside, the skin consists of the following layers:

• epidermis or epidermis,

• Corium or dermis and

• Subcutis or subcutaneous tissue.

The skin is limited by the general body fascia, which consists of very strong fibers, the so-called collagen fibers.

Care instructions

The freshly created tattoo is supplied by us with a provisional dressing, so that initially no air and no dirt comes to the tattoo. Now the pores have time to close themselves from the inside without external influences and once again to squeeze wound water out of the slight “injury”.

You should not remove the bandage the next day. Then rinse the fresh tattoo carefully with lukewarm water. Get the most perfume-free, antibacterial soap from the pharmacy. Please do not use a washcloth to wash it off, only your hands! The rough surface irritates the wound unnecessarily.

Then rinse everything briefly with cold water and dry carefully with a lint-free cloth (kitchen roll). Then allow to air dry for one hour. Now wafer-thin (the pores need oxygen) apply our tattoo cream on the tattoo (do not massage in). Use wound and healing ointment (panthenol) only in an emergency, since this mixture was not developed for tattoos and thus does not have the best effect on the encapsulation of the color pigments. Less good are milking fat and Vaseline! Repeat the creaming whenever the cream is barely perceptible. The skin must not dry out! You should wash your tattoo on the day “afterwards” once or twice in the same way to remove the sometimes still emerging from the tattoo wound water pearls. These otherwise form only unnecessary scab (grind, bark, crust).

Repeat the procedure until the scab (grind, bark, crust) has completely and automatically fallen off. Please do not scratch or swindle! Otherwise, you remove paint particles that will be missing from the tattoo. If itching, please pretend that it does not itch you … ;-). After about 3-6 days, the protective skin (scab) over the tattoo begins to sunk down like a sunburn. The pierced areas of the skin begin to peel off. Underneath a shiny skin (baby skin) comes to light. This is the first newly formed skin over the fresh tattoo under which the pierced color pigments are clearly visible. Avoid full baths and marathon showering, where the image would be at risk of softening and swelling. This could cause color loss in the tattoo. Also, please no sauna, tanning beds and swimming pools before the tattoo has healed. A freshly tattooed tattoo is like a wound to treat! So please handle it carefully in the first few days! No solarium and no sunshine for at least 6 weeks. Think even then enough sunscreen against the UV radiation. The only alternative that exists is to cover your tattoo with an opaque material.

Whether a tattoo is nachzustechen, you see absolutely only after 8 weeks. With proper care, however, you do not have to undergo this procedure anymore.

If you follow these care instructions, you will enjoy your tattoo.

Last – “Biotattoos”

Again and again in trade magazines and the press before these, supposedly disappearing, tattoos warned. This has now been determined by the court. The District Court of Trier sentenced a “biotattooist” to a fine in the amount of 5,000.00 DM (District Court Trier, file number 7C 233/99). A customer had a “biotattoo” stabbed at the “biotattooist”, which – of course – did not disappear.

According to (advertising) statement of various “biotattooer” the color is introduced in this process only in the upper skin layer, which ensures that this “biotattoo” disappears after a few years. However, one reviewer noted that color pigments, which are only incorporated into the upper skin layer, would completely disappear within four weeks due to the process of skin renewal. In the case presented above, however, that did not happen. Thus, the color pigments must therefore be in deeper skin layers, which is clear that can no longer disappear “by itself”.