The popularity of the dainty lotus flower design in tattoo art has reached an all time high, mostly riding the coat tails of yoga enthusiasts. But the symbolism of this beautiful blossom has a long and deep history rooted in many cultures and carrying a deeply spiritual meaning till this day.

The Lotus flower does not only stand for beauty and grace, but it also represents resilience and ta life long struggle. A lotus flower blooms in the mud, showing that we can also find goodnes and beauty in the darkest corners. Buddhism as well as Hinduism have favored the lotus flowers for its symbolism for centuries.

Whether you want a lotus flower tattoo for spiritual reasons or simply for its beauty, here are a few examples of the wide range of styles you will find are popular today, chosen across time and cultures. –

Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs
  • The center of your self, right in the middle of your core is the ideal placement for a beautiful Lotus tattoo.

  • To each their own they say and like with everything else there is two schools when it comes to Lotus tattoos. My personal preference with this particular design is the classic balk ink.

  • Some artist ink lotus flower tattoos in the style of the mandala. Here’s a design that pays tribute to the mandala tattoos on the thigh.

  • Small and simple lotus flower tattoos have their own elegance and charm. You can try such designs on the wrist or neck.


  •  I bet you will fall in love with a watercolor lotus flower tattoo because of its beauty. In fact, every watercolor flower tattoo is amazing.

  • The ancient Egyptians regarded Lotus as the first flower of the universe. So, if you’re trying an old Egyptian style Lotus flower tattoo, then it would also be a cool idea.

  • Many Indian gods are seen holding lotus flower in their hands.

  • Geometric lotus flower tattoos are represent a rather modern aspekt of this symbol.

  • Indian Rangoli Style.

  • Japanese Lotus Tattoo