Design & Meaning

The most beautiful Maori tattoos and their meaning

Are they not tribal? Is the trend from the 90s back? Not at all! Maori tattoos are not so unlike the tribal patterns, but they have an incredible amount of history and are firmly anchored in the New Zealand Maori culture. Meanwhile, the Maori drawings are a tattoo trend worldwide. The origins of the tattoo […]

Cherry Blossom Tattoos and their Meaning

Cherry blossom tattoos are common among Eastern cultures such as the Japanese and Chinese. However, these tattoos are becoming increasingly popular in Western countries. They are known for the beauty that results from picking up a cherry tree. They are mainly worm because of their symbolic representation, but some people wear it only because of […]

What Is the Importance of a Tattoo?

Tattoos have never been cemented as an artform with a single purpose: they have existed throughout history as a therapeutic tool, a charm for luck or protection, an identifier, a stigma, and a symbol. Tattoos hold whatever meaning is attributed to them, and there’s a long list of meanings attributed to tattoos. But when we […]

Myths of Prison Tattoos

Prison tattoos tell many tales, some of them tall, plenty of them true, and a lot of them more than just potentially misleading. They’re rather dangerous images, particularly in this day and age when they’re widely known and far more likely to cause trouble. Yet that intrinsically dangerous nature also makes them incredibly alluring, because […]

How to Find the Right Tattoo for Me?

In the US alone, statistics counted an estimated 45 million tattooed adults in 2012, a number that has doubtlessly grown over the years. There’s no question about the fact that tattooing is experiencing a renaissance era, both in the West and globally, thanks to modern media and the Internet. Yet despite the proliferation of the […]

FUDŌ-MYŌŌ – Furious Demon or Wise Protector?

The common Japanese motif of the “Fudō Myōō” (lit. the immovable wisdom king, an on’yomi of the Chinese name) is a truly fearsome one, depicting a blue-skinned wrathful pot-bellied man, sitting in a lotus position, nearly always armed with a fiery double-edged sword and a lariat. This figure is one of a Buddhist deity prominent […]

Japanese Crane Tattoo – Symbol of Peace and Longevity

The red-crowned crane is a bird of great importance in East Asian cultures as a symbol of longevity and loyalty. At first glance, cranes might not appear quite as impressive as multi-colored koi, fierce dragons, mysterious snakes, or illustrious phoenixes, but remain an important fixture in Japanese tattoo motifs – and while they might appear […]