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Whang-Od: The thorns lady of the Philippines

The village of Buscalan is home to Whang Od Oggay, a centenarian tattoo artist (mambabatok) and last of the traditional Kalinga tattooists, as well as a major cause for tourism in the area. First brought to international attention in 2009 after anthropologist Lars Krutek’s 2007 journey to Buscalan was aired on Discovery Channel’s Tattoo Hunter, […]

PIOTR SZOT: For If A Man Is Without Tattoos, He Is Invisible To The Gods

Piotr Szot is a more then just a tattoo artist, he has elevated the process to a ritualistic communion with nature. His art is deeply rooted in the holy geometry found all around combined with a deep rooted background in Slavic tattoos and runes. He is known to enjoy being on the road setting up […]

Viktoria Grigoryeva – life embracing, colorful and splashing

Вика KIWI тату-мастер Vika Kiwi Tattoos is one of Moscow’s hidden gems. So unexpected joyous and life embracing that it stuns you. It is a wild mix of Graphics and Watercolor often evolving around movie characters or game characters. Her designs embrace life and color to its fullest. ‘I take a tattoo as a kind […]

Top 5 Traditional Tattoo Artists

Tattooing is an artform that has consistently evolved over millennia to reflect the interests, beliefs, and cultural hallmarks of its age. Today, in a world where our ability to reflect on art in ages past is more complete than at any other point in history, tattoo art has diversified exponentially, with styles growing and evolving […]