Jesus Tattoo: A Controversial Skin Ornament

Some wear it out of conviction and commitment to their Christian faith. Some others worship him more as a historical person and see him as an inspiration. Religious tattoos like the Jesus tattoo are very controversial and could hurt religious feelings.  Jesus Tattoo: Religious Confession or Fashion Statement? Many tattoo motifs can be inked quite […]

Countries Where Tattoos Are Taboo

Tattoos have been around since the ‘beginning’. From our prehistoric days up until the present, cultures all across the globe have engaged in a variety of spectacular forms of body modification, from simply inking themselves to complex and ritualistic forms of self-mutilation. It seems to be part of our collective cultural DNA – yet the […]

What to Pay Attention to While Traveling with Tattoos

A tattoo is a perfect way to express personal growth, mark something important, ascribe deeper meaning to a personal struggle, commemorate a significant life-changing event, or simply adorn yourself with something you consider beautiful and fitting for your body and your life. But there are images and symbols that can make life harder for you, […]

Can Tattoos Be Therapeutic?

Tattoos are works of art, meaningful both spiritually and personally. Historically, they have also been many other things, including a rite of adulthood, a record of personal accomplishments, and an autobiography. But could they be something else entirely: a therapeutic way to heal? The short answer is wholeheartedly yes. But the long answer begs the […]

Should You Get a Tattoo During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

As of writing this, an estimated 125,000 people have been infected with COVID-19, a novel coronavirus discovered in the Hubei province of China, which I’m sure everyone and their mother has read up on and extensively researched. While you might feel like you know far more about coronaviruses today than you probably ever cared to, […]